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1st review of Three Stages: Hollywood Memoir?

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Three Stages: A Hollywood Memoir? This is the first time I realized that Three Stages may be perceived as a […]

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Celebrity Story: Christopher Walken is Not a Psychopath

… but he does play them convincingly in the movies. I knew him way before most of you did and […]

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Bobby Rydell, still swingin’! A celebrity story

As I mentioned before I never thought of this autobiography as an entertainment book or Hollywood memoir. But it turns […]

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Finally, a Hollywood Celebrity story

First celebrity story from “Three Stages” chapter 2 Another Planet, 1948–1953 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Every Sunday morning just […]

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Still no celebrity stories yet but they’re coming soon

If you’re expecting celebrity stories you’ll have to wait for the next post. I’m still adding to the first two […]

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Hollywood Memoirs; Who me?

Three Stages: Book One, Chapter 1 I never thought of this series as celebrity books or Hollywood memoirs even though […]

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