Video Production on a Bike (Pre GoPro)

Being immersed in

video production

as I was and also being a daily bicyclist I wanted to figure out a way to rig a camera on my bike. I tried it once – in ’97 – by creating a complex frame of 1 X 3s with a mounting plate that stuck out the front and held my Canon A-1 Hi8 camera. My grip buddies would have been impressed by my rigging but though it worked, the rig was clumsy and made the bike hard to control. In a word: dangerous. I did ride it home and it was difficult and the results were disappointing.

Then the digital video age dawned and in addition to my professional Sony PD150 camera I also got a small, Sony consumer DV camera that weighed less than 2 pounds. I drilled a ¼” hole in my old helmet, added a wide lens attachment and eureka! Helmet Cam.

Helmet Cam

Video Production Helmet Cam

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