Snow in New York City

There are many things I like about snow in

New York City.

But I will be glad to see the end of winter.

Snow is clean or at least it looks that way. I live in the City and when the snow is falling and for a few hours (sometimes even half a day) after it stops falling the city looks so clean it sparkles.

Snow has a wonderful effect on people, too. They smile and sometimes laugh in the streets and in the parks strangers actually talk to one another.

Real Snow on west 98th Street

Real Snow on west 98th Street

Snow creates temporary quiet, another desirable quality in New York City. You don’t hear it coming down like rain and it not only muffles the ambient noise but, if it’s heavy enough, actually stops the racket for a day or so. Of course when the garbage trucks with the plow blades come out they’re noisy but it’s a reassuring noise.

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