Video Production “Feelin’ Good”

The video production of Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series was the culmination of a long term dream of both (my wife) Elizabeth’s and mine. We will be forever grateful to our Producer, Eric Brown, for making it possible. The stories of all the video productions Eric and I did together are in my third memoir, Waiting for Elizabeth.

We shot the third program in the series, In the Lap of Luxury, at New York State’s own “great” Lake George in the spectacular Adirondack mountains.

The most fun part of this shoot began at Yankee Boating Center in Diamond Point. We hired a sailboat for Elizabeth’s photography. Melinda (wardrobe) and Michina (makeup) rode out of sight in the cabin with Richard, the Production Assistant who handled the playback boom box and walkie-talkie for direction from me on the camera boat. Fortunately the sailboat had an outboard motor since there was virtually zero wind on our one remaining shoot day. The camera boat was a sort of waterborne flatbed truck that easily accommodated both camera crews, two grips, our gaffer, director and producer.

We motored into the lake until we were out of sight of buildings and began to shoot.

As it turned out I didn’t use any of the gazebo footage in the final cut of the song. If you watched the video you’ll know what I mean.

You will find many more video production and editing tales, including the full story of the making of Elizabeth Hepburn’s Better & Better Series when you click here and get Waiting for Elizabeth.




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