Time Capsules


time capsules?

I don’t know if people still do that but when I was much younger I heard about time capsules that had been buried – either figuratively or literally – for decades, even a century or more, being opened. It seemed a great and exciting thing. Is that still done?

I woke up this morning with the realization that I have opened quite a few of these myself. They were all books.

Books can serve as time capsules; Specifically memoirs. I have opened up a lot of them and with a few rare exceptions I’ve found them filled with treasures. These treasures were not physical artifacts like antique telephones or copies of the Chicago Tribune, ancient children’s toys and such but treasures of the mind, treasures of a specific mind. Some person had written a very personal story about a particular slice of time in which they lived, loved, struggled, failed, triumphed and survived. Many of these writers were well known (Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, Richard Feynman to name but three) and others were unknown to me until I opened their books and was invited into their fascinating worlds. What an enriching gift these time capsule books are!

I’d like to suggest that you consider sharing my personal time capsules with your friends.

3 Covers

3 Covers

Here are a few comments from my readers:

“What a journey back in time, to the years just before I was born. … your descriptions brought it all to life! Your writing is absolutely captivating and full.” – Allison Argo, Filmmaker

“The reality is you and your life are far more adventurous and varied that most of us and ours. … It’s just a fabulous tale.  … an entrancing story teller.” – Joan Miner, Artist

Not only is Three Stages your personal story, but the story of an America that no longer exists – sometimes kinder and gentler – sometimes harsher and more cruel. You brought it back to life like Brigadoon, with humor and sentiment and seen through the beautiful mist of memory.”  – Rick Skye, Writer/Performer

I never could imagine what life was like for a southern boy who sings in a church choir, becomes a successful working actor … You have lived many life times and done more than most people could dream of.  …  Amazing, fascinating…” – Catherine Wolf, Producer, Writer, Actor

“Your book had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to spew during some passages.” – Don Edwards, Musician

Waiting for Elizabeth is so moving, so touching … It is a treasure.” – Lowell Harris, Poet

Three Stages, Circumstances Beyond My Control and Waiting for Elizabeth are available as paperbacks and (all formats of) eBooks. (Or at Amazon if you prefer.) eMailWinnerSeal

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