From Book 1, Chapter 5: My first real role on a TV show in January 1962 – With Charles Bronson & Lola Albright. Norman Lloyd was the Producer for Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock Presents Click for videoFatBoyCrop

Also from Book 1, Chapter 5: William Hall Chorale Concert in 1961: Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Dona Nobis Pacem, my favorite oratorio. Aside from the beauty of the music and the poetry, I loved it because I got to sing the baritone solos which were very dramatic. The orchestra comprised musicians from several symphony and chamber orchestras, all studio musicians and they were among the finest players in the LA area. Here are two of those solos I loved. (I was twenty-five.)

From Book 1, Chapter 5: One of my best TV Jobs in the spring of 1962 – a series pilot with Bobby Rydell (A great guy!)

Bobby Rydell TV Pilot from Ben Bryant on Vimeo.

From Book 1, Chapter 9: This is not in Mount Gretna but a few years after I retired from the stage. A performance for a charity telethon in Albany, NY. The last time I sang in public.

Soliloquy from “Carousel” sung by Ben Bryant from Ben Bryant on Vimeo.

“Three Stages”, chapter 11 “Matilda” from “Jacques Brel…” at the Village Gate (Taped from the audience on a small cassette recorder)


From Book 2, Chapter 12: Mel Brooks directs and narrates. I grunt. (1973)

Bic Bannana Commercial from Ben Bryant on Vimeo.

From Book 2, Chapter 26: This is a short sampling of Elizabeth’s second Montreal concert in September 1989.

’89 Elizabeth Hepburn Montreal Concert Clips from Ben Bryant on Vimeo.