Book One – Three Stages – My Journey

Three Stages - My JourneyFrom Readers

“I’ve been reading Three Stages during my subway rides. I can’t count how many times I have startled my fellow “straphangers” with my sudden loud bursts of laughter! I just can’t help it! … such a great read!…thank you for taking me along your Journey!!” – Phil Sexton, IT Wizard

” ‘She gave me the crabs!’, ‘He’s the only guy I ever met who could roll a perfect joint with one hand.’… This is the second time I’m reading those lines, I forgot where I left off last time so turns out I re-read 40 pages, was even better the 2nd time.” – Larry Heisler, Minister

From Yahoo! Contributor Network

“Unlike many Hollywood memoirs, this book examines more of the fun side of the entertainment industry. Bryant doesn’t sugarcoat the events, but he doesn’t … spend his pages bashing others.

“Because he worked behind the scenes as well as in front … he can share many perspectives. … He’s played leading parts and supporting roles along the way and seems to have had a blast with nearly all of it.

“The book is delightfully written and easy to read. If you like show business stories, you’ll find “Three Stages” captivating. … If you simply enjoy a good adventure yarn, you’ll enjoy Bryant’s story. You’ll laugh, you’ll shake your head in bemusement sometimes and you’ll just have a good time reading Three Stages.” Mary Beth Magee


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