Book Three – Waiting For Elizabeth (A Love Story)

Bk 3 CoverFrom Readers:

“I just finished Ben Bryant’s Waiting for Elizabeth. Saying the first thing that comes to mind is the song, ‘When a Man Loves a Woman.’ Here we have a real-life Sisyphus, but this Sisyphus succeeds in pushing that huge stone to the top. (And over) … Here, Mr. Bryant has documented his dogged determination to succeed in his profession, but above that, he was even more determined to marry (and remarry) the love of his life, Elizabeth Hepburn. That man loves that woman in a true love story for the ages. … As an aside, I did very much admire his admirable vocabulary…, sending me to the dictionary quite often. That was some added fun.” – Brandon Maggart, Actor/Author

“This is a love story from someone who has been in the depths of despair over a broken marriage, and then renewed his vows with the same woman, with more passion and conviction than the first go round. What a moving and tender tale! Woven throughout the love story, you will get some wonderful, anecdotal stories about his never ending pursuit of professional excellence. You will also get to know the wonderful collection of character’s that have filled his life. I highly recommend this book.” – Kevin O’Connell, Photographer

From February 2015 New Sun Magazine
“… Volume three, Waiting For Elizabeth, is, in effect, the denouement of Bryant’s story, one that contains much more than a simple recital of his career from approximately 1990 to the present day. Although this volume does contain many interesting tales of the painstaking efforts required to survive and succeed in show biz, the heart of this drama involves the love of his life, Elizabeth Hepburn, who became Mrs. Ben Bryant many years ago. Elizabeth is also a performer, … and, though marriage for must people does contain many challenges over the years, marriage between two professional  performers is, indeed, a testing ground for patience, resolve and sacrifice. In fact, not very many couples in ‘the Biz’ are able to maintain a loving relationship throughout a lifetime. I am speaking from personal experience, as my wife and I, also professional performers, have celebrated over 60 years of marriage. It was sometimes a struggle but we are still together!
“Ben and Elizabeth have also survived – and thrived – in their careers and their marriage. Or should I say marriages, as Waiting For Elizabeth sees them through the most trying period of their lives, a time which resulted in the apparent climax of their 30 some years of marriage: a lengthy separation and then, a divorce! This story of their eventual reconciliation and – hurrah! – remarriage forms the true and very moving climax of this tale.
“However, Waiting For Elizabeth also contains many, many … entertaining descriptions of how films and television shows are put together. Creating a worthwhile finished product in this extremely competitive arena involves interactions with many fascinating, amusing, often hilarious characters, and Bryant has a distinctive knack for relating the highs – and lows – of all the dramas that go on behind the scenes. His evolution as a creative artist also grows during that period of his life as he not only becomes a director but discovers that his most satisfying form of expression is as a video editor.
Waiting For Elizabeth is a great pleasure to read – entertaining, informative, and moving. I recommend it highly!”
Lowell Harris, Actor, Singer, Poet (Original Broadway Cast Westside Story)

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