Book Two – Circumstances Beyond My Control

Circumstances CoverFrom readers:

“Ben Bryant’s Circumstances Beyond My Control had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to spew during some passages.” – Don Edwards, Musician

“Ben Bryant’s writing is smooth and engaging, not to mention extremely funny. I read almost constantly, so I should know.” – Mary Kaylor, Editor

From February 2015 – New Sun Magazine
Circumstances Beyond My Control …  did not disappoint. … It is filled with bizarre and sometimes hilarious adventures on [filming] locations throughout the USA and abroad, it will appeal to anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of film production.
“… Bryant describes the experiences of performing different roles behind the camera: location scout, studio manager, production manager, freelance producer, cameraman, first assistant director and finally – director. [It] also includes some deeply personal and philosophical musings. His conversational writing style combined with firsthand knowledge and a thorough understanding of film production will draw one in so closely that one will feel as if they are standing beside the man as he relives his experiences.
“He spins his tales of working in various locations – from the dark swamps of Louisiana to Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, the waterfalls of Jamaica and Montreal concert halls – with young actors just starting out and with seasoned pros such as Mel Brooks and Paul Newman. It is his easy-to-read, informal and colloquial approach to story telling that makes the book truly enjoyable. … And of course, there’s his continuing love story with Elizabeth Hepburn.
“… Circumstances Beyond My Control … gives glimpses of real life behind the scenes of both famous (the surreal Calvin Klein Obsession – “Oh, the smell of it!” – commercials of the mid ‘80s directed by Richard Avedon, for example) and little-known productions. … anyone with an interest in rousing stories of a life lived with vigor and dedication will revel in Ben Bryant’s well told saga.”

– Jess Waid, author of the Mike Montego series

And one more reader: “If you are interested in the workings of TV and film production and the adventures behind the creation of what we see on the screen, I highly recommend this book! Told in an entertaining personal style, with links to occasional video clips, this autobiography was fascinating to read. I was inspired by Bryant’s dedication to teamwork and meeting challenges with creativity and a “get ‘er done” attitude.” RichHeart (On Amazon)

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