Celebrity Story: Norman Luboff Choir in Dixie

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Celebrity Story

of an unusual kind.

In the fall of 1963 I went on an eleven week national tour as tenor soloist with the Norman Luboff Choir. It was Norman’s first tour and it was a doozie: seventy-four concerts in seventy-seven days.

Norman Luboff Choir

Norman Luboff Choir 1963

The Norman Luboff Choir was known for pop music. When we opened with Bach there was often a palpable sense of disappointment in the audience then we followed with Pergolesi and other Baroque and Classical stuff some of them felt they’d been hoodwinked. But Norman would win them over with his warm, humorous commentary and when we opened the second act with Tenderly (one of his biggest hits) the applause was always spontaneous and tumultuous.

From L A we went up the west coast into Vancouver, turned around and zigzagged across the northern plains and into the heartland. We sang in auditoriums in cities, school gymnasia in College towns and occasionally in fine concert halls in big cities.

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